Hon. Judge Sandra Peake

257th Family District Court

Harris County, Texas

A Court That Works For Everyone.

Hon. Judge Sandra Peake

257th Family District Court

Harris County Civil Courthouse

201 Caroline, 16th Floor

Houston, Texas 77002

(713) 274-4560

Families First is more than a slogan.

It is the guiding principle upon which I believe the 257th Family Court should operate upon. The family is the base unit of society that should be protected. Families are diverse in appearance, structure, and belief systems.

In my 36 years of practice which includes Family Law, I have witnessed what makes courts work for the people. I have represented a diverse clientele of local citizens and I have unique insights into how the court can better serve the people of Harris County. Families deserve fairness. Families deserve a court that seeks the best outcomes.

I pledge to you that I will run a courtroom that will relieve the difficulty of people navigating the system, increase the flexibility of certain scheduling matters, and eliminate inefficiencies in docketing as to not waste you and your attorney’s time. Though these promises may be technical, they are important to serving the needs of you and your family.

I am a take-charge, compassionate, and efficient counsel. I will be that as your Family Court Judge.


I have spent decades in the courtroom representing vast amounts of people, just like you, to resolve the most complicated and important financial and family matters.


I love and cherish my family and know that you have as much love in your hearts for yours as well. I will ensure that your family is protected as I protect my own.

Fair & Equitable

I will apply the law fairly and evenly while understanding that each individual circumstance requires careful and deliberate consideration.


I will keep dockets on schedule and respect your time. I will ensure that you have the resources and the ability to make sure that you have the best outcomes for your family.

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