Re-Elect Judge Sandra Peake for the 257th Family District Court

I am Judge Sandra Peake.  I am announcing my candidacy for re-election for Judge of the 257th Family District County of Harris County, Texas.

These last three years have been a test of our perseverance and our values.  With my extensive family law practice experience before being elected to this bench in 2018, I knew that our courts could serve our families better in a multitude of ways.  I wanted the court to do better job increasing accessibility.  I wanted a court that understood family relationship matters are personal and important to the people involved.  It doesn’t matter whether the case involves a simple dissolution, name change, a complex property division, termination of parental rights or a contested custody case.  Litigants needed to feel their cases are taken seriously and heard carefully.  Family disputes often involve emotionally charged, high stakes, protracted litigation.  Litigants have to know that they have an opportunity to present their side, and, that the law is being fairly applied.

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These promises were delivered in the following ways:

Express Docket

257th District Court has established an Express Docket that settles uncontested matters, scheduling of hearings, and other issues that normally would have been set for a court date potentially 30 days or more. The 257th's Express Docket is conducted Mon. - Fri. 8:15 to 8:50 am on a first-come, first-served basis.

Virtual Dockets

The Pandemic has forced our courts to invent new ways of conducting proceedings. One of our responses to the interruptions of court activities was to institute virtual proceedings which allowed families to be at home or in their attorneys' office instead of taking time out of their busy and uncertain schedules due to the shutdowns. At the 257th, we found that litigants and their attorneys undoubtedly appreciated the convenience. Virtual Dockets have also decreased hallway, court, and parking lot traffic. Our families were appreciative of the efforts of my staff to find better ways to serve them. We at the 257th District Court will continue Virtual Dockets.

Express Orders

The 257th District Court will continue to prioritize signing orders so that cases can move forward to ensure speedy trials and timely resolutions.

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Campaign Announcement. Why I Am Running For Re-Election

DEAR SUPPORTERS,   I am Judge Sandra Peake.  I am announcing my candidacy for re-election for Judge of the 257th…

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