You love Houston. You love Harris County. You love America. However, there is much about our home that we do not. Especially now. We may be tempted to scream and argue in person or online about the madness and absolute ignorance that you see on your TV’s and phones every day. The vivid scenes of cruelty make you question the future of our country.

The solution to our problem has not changed since the beginning of this democratic experiment. It is to organize and put in work. We can not wait on some “savior” to get on a microphone with American flags in the backdrop to deliver some speech to motivate us to change what we see.

It is up to us! It is up to us come together in our communities and change what’s immediately in front of us. By running for Judge of the 257th Family court, I am doing the best I can with my knowledge and experience to try to do something about fairness in our courts.

All I ask of you is to support me or any other candidate whose heart and mind are in the right place. That support can come financially or, with your time and energy, or both.

So, donate or volunteer. Use your energy in a positive way!

Volunteer for our Precinct Ground Game!

This is where myself and other candidates’ volunteers and precinct chairs assemble voter education materials such as postcards, flyers, and other items for volunteers to distribute to neighborhoods in our communities to let voters know that there is hope and that these candidates are the reason that they should not only hope, but vote. The glamour isn’t there, but the value and the need are.  We have a great time doing great work. Will you help us?

EVENT #4 – JULY 27, 2018 5pm till 11pm -Teamsters Local 988 • 4303 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E, Houston TX 77032

EVENT #5 – AUG. 4 2018 10am -5pm -EBEW Union Hall, Local 66. 4345 Allen Genoa Road, Pasadena TX 77504

EVENT #6 – AUG. 24, 2018 4pm – 11:30 pm – Richard and Meg Weekley Community Center-8440 Greenhouse Rd, Cypress, TX 77433

EVENT #7 -SEPT. 8, 2018 9am -2pm -IBEW Union Hall, Local 716 -1475 North Loop W, Houston, TX 77008

EVENT #8 – SEPT. 22, 2018 – 3pm -9pm • Alief Community Center- 11903 Bellaire Blvd, Houston TX 77072 (event pace to be posted with precinct numbers to follow

EVENT #9 -OCT. 6, 2018 -· 8am -3pm Fifth Ward – Baptist Church 4300-B Noble St. (event pace to be posted with precinct numbers to follow

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